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Science, River & bartering!

I’m really excited today because we’re going to the science and technology museum. We are also going on a cruise on the river tonight, the city lights will look amazing. I hope you guys are all having a good time back in Australia and we’ll tell you lots when we get back.

Facing our fears… And bargoning.


Today Team China went to the Pearl Tower. 375m tall. We went to the top of the pearl tower and there was a glass floor. At first people were scared but they faced there fears. Then they were walking easy looking down laying down. After that we went to the Yu Yang gardens. This was a big market place where we could buy stuff for us and our family. Then we went back to the hotel for Day 3. Another day has passed by.

Welcome to Shanghai

Ni hao family and friends,

Firstly, we’d like to say to Millys family…..we have tried to Skype you, but no answer! So in case we don’t get a chance, here are some pics from our first day. We had such a full on day and with wifi trouble, we didn’t get a chance to blog. But the kids were very excited to talk to their families. It was lovely to see you all! Great to see the Epsom kids on the blog asking questions, and a few of Lachs friends have also been keeping in touch with him- thanks guys!
We tried our hand a bartering today, did I get some bargains! I was excellent at it (if I do say so myself), Lach and Jack were pretty happy with my efforts- check out the sunnies!
The Pearl Tower was pretty amazing, especially the glass bottom walk, took a bit of courage to get out there!
We had a great night walk after dinner, danced with the locals and had a fabulous night, I don’t think Shanghai sleeps! The Bund family (that’s our group) are a great bunch of kids and have embraced Shanghai! Feeling pretty proud.
Anyway, that’s all from me, I’m beat, seriously, it just took me 10 minutes to write this sentence….brain not working…need sleep! The kids are all sound asleep ready for tomorrow’s adventures. Until tomorrow, goodnight everyone.

-Ms Fitz

PS. G’day to Rob, Luke and Maggie too, my beautiful little family, I miss you!























From our hotel room

Hi guys, the i was Lucky to survive the plane ride! Today we are going to the Pearl Tower and the Chinese gardens. I’m with Lachlan in my room. We’ll talk later tonight.

Jess- Team China Ambassador

Hi, Im Jess and Im apart of the Chinese Overseas learning experience, along with Milly Boyle, Jack Bartel, Lachlan Harrison and Miss Kate Fitzgerald. Also Mr Phillip Mcguffie and Mrs Kerry Mcguffie. Im very proud of myself for taking a big step towards this and taking myself away from home by myself. I strongly believe I will have a great time and it will be a great learning experience.

We leave on the 29th of May (in 5 days time) We leave at 11am and we arrive in shanghai at 7:20pm. Thats 10 hours and 20 minutes. There is a 2 hour time difference. So we get there at 9:20 in Australian time.I wonder how we will make time move faster. I think when we land we will be very tired and very pleased to be in China and not up in the air. We come home on the 7th of June at 9am. We depart from Shanghai at 8:15am, but because of the time difference it is 10 hours 45 minutes flight back to Australia.

When I come back I will have heaps to talk about and will be able to teach others about the differences in the culture. Hopefully I learn some more words in Chinese. I believe I would be more confident when I return because I have taken a big step and become more independent.

I want to go to China because it will be a once in lifetime experience. While I’m there Im going to see Lucy, Lucy- is our Chinese student we had last year here at Epsom for 8 weeks and stayed with us at our house for 5 weeks. I will learn heaps about the difference in the culture. I am interested to see how Lucy’s family lives.

I’m mostly looking forward to seeing Lucy and meeting her family on Tuesday 3rd June (I can’t wait), It will be really interesting seeing how Lucy and her family act around each other. Im curious about what food we have at Lucy and her parents house. Im excited that I get to see a Chinese house, the Pearl Tower, I have seen lots of pictures of it, it looks really high. I like going to the circus and I’m wondering what animals will be there or if it is just people? I’m also looking forward to trying the different foods, i think it will be fun to bargain and buy lots of stuff for my friends and family. I think I will like the noodles the best and what we drink except bottle water. I wonder what we have for breakfast?

I have been nervous about getting lost or left behind but now I know that there will be leaders behind our group. I have also been worried that I might get sick and it will ruin my whole experience. But I know not to drink the water and I have had needles so I know i won’t get sick.