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Hello,Im Cherry

     Hello. Im Cherry.I like Australia.It’s beautiful.And I do not see any kangaroos yet.I have so many friends.My teacher is Mrs Brunswick.Australia’s games is so fun,I like games.I like Australia and my school very much.                                                                       photo                                                                                          This is my school.


Hello,I’m Zeke. I’m a Chinese student. I’m happy in Australia. I can see many kangaroos in Australia. My teacher is Mrs Brunswick. And I have a good friend, he’s name is Kean. He can play soccer ball very well. I like

Welcome to our Chinese Students and Teachers!

Last week we welcomed our Chinese students to Epsom.  Zeke, Colora and Cherry.  We also welcome Bill the Chinese teacher who has travelled with the students.  We will be sharing him with White Hill PS, Huntly PS and Golden Square PS.  We will be seeing him a lot, so be sure to make him feel welcome by chatting to him when you see him. 

Our student ambassadors have been doing a wonderful job showing the Chinese kids Australian life and how to be an Aussie kid!  Which is a lot of playing and not so much homework, so Bill and Colora tell me.  Bill has enjoyed watching his students interact with their home stay families at school and has reported back to me that they are all happy.  So I would like to sincerely thank our Epsom home stay families and kids.  Thanks to Daniel, Jack and Troy for looking after Zeke.  Thanks to Jess, Kaity, Lachlan, Georgia and Charlotte for caring for Cherry.  Thank you Maddi, Asher and Reece for making Colora feel welcome.  You are all wonderful and the Chinese kids are very lucky to be apart of your family.

Finally, a massive thank you to the Epsom Community for making this program possible.  It’s wonderful to see the Epsom kids interacting with the Chinese students and Bill.  You have made them all feel very welcome and I couldn’t be prouder!  Thanks everyone!

Be sure to send me any pics you may have, so I can add them to our blog and share with China and our Community.


From Ms Fitz 🙂

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