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Meet Georgia

Hello my name is Georgia, I’m 10 turning 11 this year. I chose to go China because it is a once in a life time opportunity. I  will be excited go to China. I think that it will be a great opportunity. I am excited to learn about Chinas different Culture.

We Have Fundraised at BBQ’s,c ookie doughs,and fundraised at the Schweppes centre.

The people who I am going with are Krystale, Jordan, Charlotte and Mrs Coulter. I am sharing a room with Charlotte.

We leave on the 28th of May and we are coming back on the 6th or the 8th of June.

Meet Charlotte

       Hi I’m Charlotte, I’m 10 and a half.

Why I’m excited

This year I am a member of the team china overseas learning experience 2015. I am excited about everything but the 2 nasty needles. I am keen to try new foods and drinks. I am going with four others which are Jordy, Georgia, Krystale, Mrs Coulter and myself, Charlotte.

I am sharing a room with Georgia. I’m excited to learn Chinese culture. I am willing to give everything a try.

Fundraisers we have done BBQ, Schweppes Centre dinners, my mum did cookie dough and we have more BBQ’s to come.

by Charlotte.

Meet Jordy

Hi my name is Jordan,IMG_0802

This year I am attending The Team China Overseas Learning Experience 2015, I find this a once in a lifetime opportunity for me seeming as I have never been in a plane before let alone overseas. I am one of four students going. Being away from my family will be hard but I know I will be okay, but this a once in lifetime opportunity for me and I can’t let it down. I am very excited to go and try  new foods and drinks. I am very keen to experience the culture and chinese life. When I go I am sharing a room with Krystale. I am excited to meet the kids at our sister school. I want to go to the markets, go to the pearl tower, go into the cities and have fun! These are some of the fundraisers that we have participated in : Cookie Dough, BBQs the schweppes centre… so far.

Dates : 28th of May ~ 8th of June

CANT Wait!

Meet Krystale

IMG_0896My name is Krystale. I’m in Grade 6 and i turned 11 at the start of the year. I’m really excited to go to china to learn more about their culture and to meet our sister school.

Others That Are Coming: When we go over to china i will be sharing a room with Jordy.K.

The teacher that is going with us is Mrs Coulter. The 2 girls that are going with me are Georgia.H. and Charlotte.H.

Fundraisers: We have done BBQs, sold Cookie Dough and had dinner at the Schweppes Centre.

Activities That I’m Looking Forward To: When we go to China I’m looking forward to going to the Markets, Going to the Cities and going to the Planning Museum.

Dates: We are leaving 28th of May and return on the 6th or the 8th of June.