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Thoughts from Shanghai

Hello everyone,
To day we hit the shops and did our girls bag some bargains. They all got right into the bartering spirit. Georgia already had some practice from Friday after she managed to get a selfie stick for 10yuan ( about $2 Australian) after this was no stopping her. Jordan has also excelled at the shopping. Some great presents coming home.
I think Charlotte thought she was going to join the acrobats in the circus last night when she fell down the stairs; there was no harm done.
Krystale was really brave at the Pearl Tower and managed a photo on the glass floor. Who knows what she’s going to conquer next.
Mrs Coulter

Day 2-Planning Museum,Jing Yang Temple and the ERA Circus

On the 30th we went to the Planning Museum, Jing Yang Temple and the ERA Circus.
At the Planning Museum we roamed around the place going up and down the escalators scanning all the amazing little building figures it was so cool! Next while we were walking home we passed a temple it costed 50 yuan so I guess it’s money well spent only 10 Australian dollars. Then after that we went home and had a rest from walking everywhere. After having a rest we went to Burger King for dinner.When we arrived at the circus we went to our seats to watch the beginning of the show. Some of the acts include motorbikes in a metal sphere, a duet, acrobatic girls inside a jar, Girls doing tricks on bikes and dancing.


Hello everyone we have all safely arrived in china after our long trip on the plane. We have been to the pearl tower and to the markets and the gardens.Today we are going back to the markets and to the circus it will be very fun.


Over in China I Hope that the weather is nice and hot, not to hot and in the middle, and not cold and I do and don’t want it to RAIN. The rain will probably be hot rain anyway.

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Thank you by charlotte


Over in China I hope that it is very warm not cold and I hope that it dose not rain because we don’t have umbrellas.This is our last meeting because we are going on the 28th of May .We all have our spending money.


When we go to china I’m hoping to try some new foods like Dumplings, Sushi and heaps more. I would also like some rice because I love it so much! I also want to try some Chinese desserts.Hopefully they have some chocolate cakes!

Our last meeting

Wow! This is our last team China meeting and it’s so soon we are going on the 28th of May. In the last meeting we have done all of the specific needs on our devices, and have finished our passports and gotten it all sorted out. We have our spending money and hopefully the weather will be great! We will keep in touch and have a great time!
~ Jordy