Monthly Archives: June 2015

Visiting our sister school

We had a fantastic day at Weiting Experimental school.
We were picked up by the school driver at 8.15 and driven to school. We met the principal and had lots of photos taken. The girls joined in the PE class. They played some tunnel ball and the losing team had to do extra exercises. Mrs Davey “Do you think this would be a good idea at our school ?” 🙂
The school has 3000 students who all have a cooked lunch made for them every day. Their lunch today was soup, rice, pork, eggs, spinach and tofu. It was huge.
We are going back again a tomorrow and doing art and calligraphy lessons.

Questions from 5/6 F

G’day travellers!  We are reading all your posts at the moment.  Lovely to see you’re having a wonderful time.  Remember, you are our eyes and ears, we are traveling through you!

We have some questions for you, when you Skype us tomorrow, so have a think about some of these.  We look forward to seeing you in the morning.

From Ms Fitz 🙂



On the boat cruise

Last night all of team china went on a boat for a cruise we got back and only Epsom did not have dinner before the boast cruise so we went and got some dinner.We went to bed when we got back from our dinner we had Pizza Hut. When we were inside they locked the doors and we had to find another way home. We were really clever. Mrs Coulter was awesome.