Kungfu and Paper Cutting

Today we had P.E and paper cutting with our sister school again, but today was way better than yesterday. Today we did Kung fu and paper cutting, in Kung fu we liked it way more than tai chi and we’re all very good at it, and the teacher seemed to know more English than yesterday’s teacher which made it easier and more fun. In paper cutting we made Christmas trees, pumpkins, lanterns, the happy character and we also got to design our own cuts, it was quite easy because we were getting the lesson from the English teacher. There are some photos and videos at the bottom you can see/watch.

From Chloe and Acacia.




2 thoughts on “Kungfu and Paper Cutting

  1. Chloe

    Actually it was easier than you would think, it was way easier than tai chi and we all enjoyed it and were quite good at it


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