Musical Instruments at Weiting Experimental school

Today we got picked up from our hotel again in the mini Van. When we arrived we put our bags down in the reception room again. Then we went to the music room and played one of the musical instuments. It was cool. We had picture with the music teacher.

Then we went to the morning assembly. After the assembly we went to the stadium where a a lot of kids were practicing volley ball. For our P.E lesson we did kungfu. It was cool, we learnt a whole lot of different moves.

Then we went to the paper cutting area were we made 4 different kinds of Chinese paper cutting. It looked amazing. We got to look at some art work that other kids in the school did, it all looked amazing. Then we went back to the reception room for a drink and to give our gifts. We gave the the school 4 books and 2 picture famed photos of our new school plan. For our school we received a scroll with Chinese characters. They also gave us more gifts, I got 2 bracelets and a picture of team China Epsom, Maggie and the vice principal Mrs. Shu. After that we went for lunch. The yogurt that we got was vanilla and it tasted amazing.

After lunch we went out to the play ground were we let off some steam. We also handed out some gifts to the kids of the school. I took a lot of photos with the school students. When we got to the mini Van we got Wonderfuls email and WeChat name too. Then we left the school. We had so much fun meeting new students and learning all about how they learn and what they do during the day.











9 thoughts on “Musical Instruments at Weiting Experimental school

  1. Chloe

    Sorry Bailey we haven’t seen the Great Wall Of China because the Great Wall is in Bejing and we’re in Shang Hai and Shou Zho.

    Mind my spelling

  2. Chloe

    No dray they do not play netball but they do play volleyball, basketball, soccer, table tennis and American football.


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