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The Silk Factory

Today we went to the silk factory, there were so many parts to it, from silk worms, mulberry trees and diarrhoea to stretching, twisting and reeling all the silk. It was really interesting and we got to feel real and fake silk. We learned about the life cycle of a silk worm and was also interesting, because we learnt that when a male and a female make babies , the male dies immediately. Which is really weird.
We also saw the how the silk got pulled from the cocoon and turned around in a big wheel, to get the silk off they had to put them in hot water and there was a machine that pulled the cocoon and and untangled it into a big wheel of silk one cocoon can make a whole layer of silk.

After all the steps you have to stretch the silk to make like a doona, 10 cocoons stretched to a double bed doona. I helped to stretch a layer.






Day 6

Day 6: our sister school.
Today us Epsom girls jumped into a V.I.P mini bus, and headed off to our sister school. We made a lot of friends there, and they loved us. We participated in P.E and art, in P.E we did tai chi, Acacia did NOT like it at all, it had very swift and slow movements. In art we painted a type of different fruit in a basket, we painted with calligraphy brushes and ink. It was harder than it looks but we had some help by some very helpful students. The two ladies showing us around were called Maggie and Wonderful and four grade 6 students, they were very helpful and we give them gifts, surprisingly they gave us gifts too, Chinese chess, chopsticks and a page of calligraphy. Every morning they would line up and march onto the soccer oval for an assembly, we were lucky enough to talk to them and introduce ourselves to them. We had a great day (except for the tai chi for Acacia) and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Thanks for reading, we’re having a great time.

-Acacia and Chloe.





The Planning Museum

Try and guess how many years it would take to make every fine detailed building in Shanghai. Every last speck of this was a masterpiece, we were stunned. There was also interactive features that we used from traffic congestion to working out and many more. At first we thought it would be boring but it was amazing. But we did have to leave ( it took us a while though ).

Thanks for reading,



The Flight

Imagine yourself on a 9 hour flight from Melbourne to Shanghai for most of your day,
Well this was reality for Chloe, Layla, Acacia, Jorja and Mrs. Ashby aka TEAM CHINA.
Today we left Bendigo for Melbourne at 6:00am then hustled around the airport after the long bus trip with an unsuspected surprise ( the toilet overflowed and toilet water went through the bus )
Then finally boarded our plane and yet again spending 9 hours on a airplane seat wasn’t ideal.

Although we had movies and iPads it was still quite boring and for your first trip like Layla and Acacia, they were quite nervous. We got 2 meals, 1, 2 hours after take off and 1, 2 hours before you landed. We got to pick one meal out of 2 choices and a drink of your choice. It’s been a long flight but meeting new kids that you didn’t see or meet on the pre-departure days is pretty cool.😀

Please ask us any questions that you have on the Epsom P.S Team China blog

Thanks Chloe, Acacia, Layla, Jorja and Mrs. Ashby



I am Chloe

Hi my name is Chloe,
4 girls Layla, Jorja, Acacia and myself are all going to China.
I am most looking forward to the EIRA Circus.
I’m sharing a room with Jorja, Mrs Ashby is the teacher going with us.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity I’ve never been over seas (I haven’t been to Tasmania either ).
I’m looking forward to seeing Epsom’s exchange students.