Day 7: our sister school 2

Today we went back to our sister school (weiting experimental school.) today we did P.E, paper cutting and had lunch. For P.E we did Kung fu and played a couple of games. I liked Kung fu, a lot more than tai chi. My favourite game was when we would run around in a circle and then the teacher would call out a number, than we would get into groups of that number the teacher called out. In paper cutting we all got a design to cut out, and they turned out AWESOME! We made a Christmas tree, a pumpkin lantern, a snowflake and than we got to design our own. For lunch we had rice, pork, curry, yoghurt and some other food that I can’t remember. My favourite was the pork. It was sad that it was our last day there. But we got heaps more presents, and heaps of photos with the kids. We had a lot of fun and would love to come back.


Day 6

Today we woke up early and went to our sister school.first all the fifty eight classes come out and we had to listen to the national anthem then we went into a gym and played table tennis and we did some games like we had to run around in a circle then the teacher would call out a number and we had to get in a group of that number then we did so Kung fu and practised that.then the bell rang and we went and did some paper cutting it was cool and hard then we had our lunch and went back home to the hotel

Our sister school day 2

Today we got picked up from our hotel again in the mini Van. When we arrived we put our bags down in the reception room again. Then we went to the music room and played one of the musical instuments. It was cool. We had picture with the music teacher. Then we went to the morning assembly. After the assembly we went to the stadium were a a lot of kids were practicing volley ball. For ou P.E lesson we did kunfu. It was cool, we leant a whole lot of different moves.

Then we went to the paper cutting area were we made 4 different kinds of Chinese paper cutting. It looked amazing. We got to look at some art work that other kids in the school did, it all looked amazing. Then we went back to the reception room for a drink and to give our gifts. We gave the the school 4 books and 2 picture famed photos of our new school plan. For our school we received a scroll with Chinese characters. They also gave us more gifts, I got 2 bracelets and a picture of team China Epsom, Maggie and the vice principal Mrs. Sho. After that we went for lunch. The yogurt that we got was vanilla and it tasted amazing.

After lunch we went out the play ground were we let of some steem. We also handed out some gifts to the kids of the school. I took a lot of photos with the school students. When we got to the mini Van we got wonderfuls email and WeChat name too. Then we left the school. We had so much fun meeting new students and learning all about how they learn and what they do during the day.








Visiting Our Sister School

Today we visited our sister school. We got picked up by the schools mini Van. When we arrived at the school we first got our picture taken under 5 flags, then we went to the reception room to put our bags down and to go to the toilet. Then we went out to the school yard their morning assembly . When their national anthem finished we had to go up and introduce ourselves and say a couple of words to the school. Then we had our first class which was calligraphy.

Then we had P.E. We were doing taichi It was sort of fun. Then we went to the reception room for a drink and to cool down and to get our gifts and give our gifts to the ambassadors. Then it was time for lunch, all the kids went to the canteen. We got to go in the teachers eating area. I liked the soup we got. Then when it was time for lunch play, we spoke to some girls that where standing outside the window. So decided to give one of the girls a gift for being so excited that we were in grade 6. Then we went out to the playground and let off a bit of steam. Then we walked/jogged around their athletics track. Then we went back to the reception roo,m took some photos and left.





Day 6

Day 6: our sister school.
Today us Epsom girls jumped into a V.I.P mini bus, and headed off to our sister school. We made a lot of friends there, and they loved us. We participated in P.E and art, in P.E we did tai chi, Acacia did NOT like it at all, it had very swift and slow movements. In art we painted a type of different fruit in a basket, we painted with calligraphy brushes and ink. It was harder than it looks but we had some help by some very helpful students. The two ladies showing us around were called Maggie and Wonderful and four grade 6 students, they were very helpful and we give them gifts, surprisingly they gave us gifts too, Chinese chess, chopsticks and a page of calligraphy. Every morning they would line up and march onto the soccer oval for an assembly, we were lucky enough to talk to them and introduce ourselves to them. We had a great day (except for the tai chi for Acacia) and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Thanks for reading, we’re having a great time.

-Acacia and Chloe.





Day 5: Suzhou

Today we are moving to a new hotel, in SUZHOU!!! It will probably take an hour and a half to get there, by bus. I am really looking forward to go to SUZHOU, because it is way different than Shanghai. In SUZHOU we are going to our sister school, to see all the kids. We are going to have tea with Yoyo and Ella.We will have lots of FUN!!!!

Sorry I don’t have a pic yet.

Pudong river


Yesterday we went to the Pudong River. We went under water in the train. We had to go in a tunnel full of cool full LED lights . The lights were different colours and also different patterns. In the train we had a person talking about the tunnel, the train and all about the Pudong river.


Day 4: lunch

image Today we went to a Chinese resturant and had lunch. It was delicious!!there was: Bbq pork, salad, beef noodles, chicken knuckles, cola, fried rice, and pork buns. To be honest my favourite food was probably the chicken knuckles, but they had real big bones………..Lol. After that I was full. Like I was going to explode. We ate most of the things on the table and drank our drinks. That was the best meal I’ve had so far on this trip.


The Planning Museum

Try and guess how many years it would take to make every fine detailed building in Shanghai. Every last speck of this was a masterpiece, we were stunned. There was also interactive features that we used from traffic congestion to working out and many more. At first we thought it would be boring but it was amazing. But we did have to leave ( it took us a while though ).

Thanks for reading,