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Over in China I Hope that the weather is nice and hot, not to hot and in the middle, and not cold and I do and don’t want it to RAIN. The rain will probably be hot rain anyway.

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Thank you by charlotte

Meet Charlotte

       Hi I’m Charlotte, I’m 10 and a half.

Why I’m excited

This year I am a member of the team china overseas learning experience 2015. I am excited about everything but the 2 nasty needles. I am keen to try new foods and drinks. I am going with four others which are Jordy, Georgia, Krystale, Mrs Coulter and myself, Charlotte.

I am sharing a room with Georgia. I’m excited to learn Chinese culture. I am willing to give everything a try.

Fundraisers we have done BBQ, Schweppes Centre dinners, my mum did cookie dough and we have more BBQ’s to come.

by Charlotte.