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Day 3: Chinese gardens

Today we broke into two little groups, and headed off to the Chinese gardens. I was really impressed with the Chinese peaps praying their prays and throwing coins into a tall metal tower, for good luck and a wish. I failed a lot, but it was really funny. The good thing was, that kids were FREE!!!!! It was good to see pictures telling their story’s and what will or what happened. It was very interesting. What a great experience.


Day 3: caligrafi names

Today Layla and I found a guy writing people’s names in special ink. (Caligrafi) I bought two of them, one for me, and one for………….. (You’ll have to find out when we come back) they look AWESOME!!! It was only 20¥ each. So I paid 40¥. The guy asked if we wanted a frame for it, and we asked how much it was. It was an extra 45¥. Of course we didn’t get it, so we’ll have to frame it when we come back to AUSTRALIA!!!
P.S I miss all of my friends and family and promise is to bring back presents for them.