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Meet Jordy

Hi my name is Jordan,IMG_0802

This year I am attending The Team China Overseas Learning Experience 2015, I find this a once in a lifetime opportunity for me seeming as I have never been in a plane before let alone overseas. I am one of four students going. Being away from my family will be hard but I know I will be okay, but this a once in lifetime opportunity for me and I can’t let it down. I am very excited to go and try  new foods and drinks. I am very keen to experience the culture and chinese life. When I go I am sharing a room with Krystale. I am excited to meet the kids at our sister school. I want to go to the markets, go to the pearl tower, go into the cities and have fun! These are some of the fundraisers that we have participated in : Cookie Dough, BBQs the schweppes centre… so far.

Dates : 28th of May ~ 8th of June

CANT Wait!