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When we go to china I’m hoping to try some new foods like Dumplings, Sushi and heaps more. I would also like some rice because I love it so much! I also want to try some Chinese desserts.Hopefully they have some chocolate cakes!

Meet Krystale

IMG_0896My name is Krystale. I’m in Grade 6 and i turned 11 at the start of the year. I’m really excited to go to china to learn more about their culture and to meet our sister school.

Others That Are Coming: When we go over to china i will be sharing a room with Jordy.K.

The teacher that is going with us is Mrs Coulter. The 2 girls that are going with me are Georgia.H. and Charlotte.H.

Fundraisers: We have done BBQs, sold Cookie Dough and had dinner at the Schweppes Centre.

Activities That I’m Looking Forward To: When we go to China I’m looking forward to going to the Markets, Going to the Cities and going to the Planning Museum.

Dates: We are leaving 28th of May and return on the 6th or the 8th of June.