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Suzhuo sights

We’ll today was another big day. We left Shanghai and arrived in Suzhuo an hour and half later. The scale of everything here is enormous- the Chinese do big very well! Below in jumbled order are the highlights of today. I’ve also taken pictures of the housing, the high rise building are apartments, that it how the Chinese live. A lot of people calls for a lot of high rise buildings, it’s on a scale I’ve never seen before! I also took a pic of the traffic and the road rules- there don’t seem to be any. Did you know (this is info coming from our Chinese guy, Michael), that every minute there is a traffic accident in China and every 5 minutes someone dies in a traffic related accident. With pedestrians, scooters, bikes, taxis, buses AND a lack of road rules or adherence to them, that statistic is not surprising! I rode on the front seat and nearly had a heart attack with what I thought were near misses!
The Humble Administrators Garden was absolutely beautiful! We also cruised the canals, it’s just amazing to see how people live, it was beautiful too.
Lach was exhausted today, so he’s gone to bed very early to catch up on the sleep, he didn’t have much left today, poor kid! And Jack ate a fish eyeball, and I missed it! How adventurous, and gross, is that! Mill and Jess were like sticky rice and stuck together all day, just taking in the sights and taking lots of pictures. We’re quite into selfies! 😉
We are off to visit our sister school, Weiting Experimental, tomorrow, so that should be interesting from a student perspective and a teacher perspective. Looking forward to it! Then Jess gets to visit Lucy her host sister and the the others are off to experience a Chinese Opera.

Night everyone, this is one weary but very lucky teacher ready for bed.

– Ms Fitz x 🙂

















Those glasses again

At last we get to have a closer look at the famous glasses everyone was buying. They certainly look cool! I wonder how many yuan they cost?


What a couple of fine travellers we have here. Lach and Jack look like they have been travelling for years not just days. They must be using their confidence skills, along with getting along, persistence and organisation skills to make this a great experience. Well done team!