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The Silk Factory

Today we went to the silk factory, there were so many parts to it, from silk worms, mulberry trees and diarrhoea to stretching, twisting and reeling all the silk. It was really interesting and we got to feel real and fake silk. We learned about the life cycle of a silk worm and was also interesting, because we learnt that when a male and a female make babies , the male dies immediately. Which is really weird.
We also saw the how the silk got pulled from the cocoon and turned around in a big wheel, to get the silk off they had to put them in hot water and there was a machine that pulled the cocoon and and untangled it into a big wheel of silk one cocoon can make a whole layer of silk.

After all the steps you have to stretch the silk to make like a doona, 10 cocoons stretched to a double bed doona. I helped to stretch a layer.






Our Sister School – Weiting Experimental Primary School

Today we visited our sister school. We got picked up by the schools mini Van. When we arrived at the school we first got our picture taken under 5 flags, then we went to the reception room to put our bags down and to go to the toilet. Then we went out to the school yard their morning assembly . When their national anthem finished we had to go up and introduce ourselves and say a couple of words to the school. Then we had our first class which was calligraphy.

Then we had P.E. We were doing taichi It was sort of fun. Then we went to the reception room for a drink and to cool down and to get our gifts and give our gifts to the ambassadors. Then it was time for lunch, all the kids went to the canteen. We got to go in the teachers eating area. I liked the soup we got. Then when it was time for lunch play, we spoke to some girls that where standing outside the window. So decided to give one of the girls a gift for being so excited that we were in grade 6. Then we went out to the playground and let off a bit of steam. Then we walked/jogged around their athletics track. Then we went back to the reception roo,m took some photos and left.





Pudong river


Yesterday we went to the Pudong River. We went under water in the train. We had to go in a tunnel full of cool full LED lights . The lights were different colours and also different patterns. In the train we had a person talking about the tunnel, the train and all about the Pudong river.