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Day 7: our sister school 2

Today we went back to our sister school (weiting experimental school.) today we did P.E, paper cutting and had lunch. For P.E we did Kung fu and played a couple of games. I liked Kung fu, a lot more than tai chi. My favourite game was when we would run around in a circle and then the teacher would call out a number, than we would get into groups of that number the teacher called out. In paper cutting we all got a design to cut out, and they turned out AWESOME! We made a Christmas tree, a pumpkin lantern, a snowflake and than we got to design our own. For lunch we had rice, pork, curry, yoghurt and some other food that I can’t remember. My favourite was the pork. It was sad that it was our last day there. But we got heaps more presents, and heaps of photos with the kids. We had a lot of fun and would love to come back.