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Shanghai again

today we had to wake up really early, and get ready to go back to Shanghai. I really like Shanghai better than suzho, because suzho doesn’t really have good views of thing, and everything is broken. So I’m really excited to go back to Shanghai.  We go on a bus with our tour guide which will take about 1-2 hours. I also like our tour guide because she is nice and she is funny. She would talk into a microphone at the front of the bus and give us a lot of facts about our destination. We are going back to the park hotel which is way better than the days hotel.p, because park hotel has better wifi to connect with friends and family, and Days hotel doesn’t.

Pearl tower

Pearl tower

Day 7: our sister school 2

Today we went back to our sister school (weiting experimental school.) today we did P.E, paper cutting and had lunch. For P.E we did Kung fu and played a couple of games. I liked Kung fu, a lot more than tai chi. My favourite game was when we would run around in a circle and then the teacher would call out a number, than we would get into groups of that number the teacher called out. In paper cutting we all got a design to cut out, and they turned out AWESOME! We made a Christmas tree, a pumpkin lantern, a snowflake and than we got to design our own. For lunch we had rice, pork, curry, yoghurt and some other food that I can’t remember. My favourite was the pork. It was sad that it was our last day there. But we got heaps more presents, and heaps of photos with the kids. We had a lot of fun and would love to come back.