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Water Town

image image imageAfter our school visit and eating lunch at school we headed off for Water Town.

Water Town is a very old town with many canals like Suzhou has many canals. There was a thunderstorm while we were there with loud thunder and then very heavy rain. Luckily we could stand under verandas and wait in the information centre. Many of us bought another umbrella but at $2 it wasn’t a problem.

We visited another beautiful garden before the storm. Then we walked along the canal and saw the pearl shops. Many farmers (pearl farmers) sell their pearls here. A man showed us where the pearls come from. So watch the video and you can see also.

Many students and teachers bought the pearls. If you paid 100Yuan you could buy an oyster and they would open it. The pearls were scooped out into a bag and you got to have all the pearls. I bought some pearl ear rings.