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The Zoo

On our last day we made the trip to the zoo with the goal to see the pandas. We took 2 trains to get to the zoo and the trains were very busy as it was a public holiday for the dragon boat festivals. It was also the warmest day with some sun shining through the smog and cloud at times.

When we arrived at the zoo it was great news when we found the train stopped at the zoo so it was a short walk. Inside the zoo we followed maps and signposts to find the pandas.

Winding our way around the zoo we saw pink flamingos, that were actually an orange peachy colour, emus, ostriches, a tiger, pumas, arctic wolves, eagles and the red pandas.

Finally we we found the two pandas. There in the middle of a high fenced area with glass walls for us to see through, the pandas lay on a wooden fought. Snoozing in the heat. It was hard to take a picture of them as there classic markings couldn’t be seen.